B Wilson, Owner

With over 10 years’ experience B Wilson continues to be a rising star within the beauty industry.  Her friends cleverly deemed her the Bi-City Beauty Gal because she has offices in both Brooklyn NY and Philadelphia Pa.  Having multiple offices has allowed B to grow her clientele from celebrities, local television stations and countless brides up and down the east coast.

 One of the things that sets B apart is her passion for everything hair and makeup which she shares with the world via her online blog and YouTube channel.  In 2004 after five years of freelancing part-time B decided that it was time to go hard or go home in regards to her career in hair and makeup.  Since then B has become one of the most sought after hair and makeup artist in Philadelphia, New Jersey and is quickly rising to the top in the New York area.

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 B currently is the owner and lead stylist for Just B Beautiful, her company which started literally on her living room floor but has grown into a company of 4 employees and continues to grow each year.  

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