Beautiful Angel

2015 VS Fashion Show


OK beauties, now that you have the lingerie it’s time to complete the look with some sultry, sexy makeup and hair.  For many of us in the beauty world have notice in the past few years especially 2014 the typical bombshell look has been toned down quite a bit but still keeps the smokey bedroom eyes, bronze skin and nude lip.  So let’s get into the look shall we….and remember to Just B Beautiful

The Makeup


Golden Glam


Foundation is key for this look, remember it should look like second skin so use a beauty blender and a small amount to start

Giorgio Armani liquid foundation

You’ve got to have the right tools and this set from Sephora is perfect for creating this look

I have been IN LOVE with this palette every since it hit the market and it is the perfect palette for creating a sultry smokey look.  With 14 cool & warm shades it fits every skin tone.

Get a flawless glow to your skin and this is one of the best highlighters on the market.  It gives you a glow without all the chunky glitters that a lot of highlighters have.

This look is not about a bronze glow NOT a heavy contour, use a large fluffy brush to deposit a matte bronzer like this one from MUFE.  Sweep where ever you would naturally get a tan

My holy grail eyeliner for when black is not an option.  It has the perfect combo of a black/brown liner and a highlighter, use a pencil brush and smudge at the lashline for a smokey look

Urban decay eyeliner

No look is complete without a pair of sexy eyelashes.  Be sure to use mascara prior to putting on the lashes and remember to get them as close to the lash line as possible.

The Hair

Big Hair Don't Care


For this look I prefer a large barrel curling iron and set each curl so that it lasts all night

T3 curling iron

Make sure all your hair is detangled before you start curling and styling everything needs to be polsihed to perfection

Hair detangler brush
$39 –

Aveda Brilliant is my go to for shine spray, it will leave your hair looking and smelling amazing!

Aveda styling product
$28 –

If you find your hair falls flat at the crown, use a bit of volumizing powder and tease lightly