Spring Wedding Invitations

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Now that you have the details of your wedding planned and booked, it is time to alert your guests about the date and location! Spring is the epitome of wedding season, so you have to make sure that your invitation is memorable and stands out! Choose an invitation that matches the theme of your wedding. Here are some of JBB’s favorites:



For a spring/summer wedding on the beach, this is perfect. The water colors against a canvas background create a simple, yet effective look. Not to mention that these can be easily DIY’d allowing you to keep your invitations personable and cost effective.


For a garden party style wedding, an invitation like this would compliment your ceremony perfectly. The flower stencil adds a pop of color and style. The script should be easily read. Make sure that the most important information (location, date, etc.) is emphasized because you don’t want any guests to miss out!


For the couple that likes to keep it more traditional, stick to something minimal. A simple white card with a pretty script is perfect. Immediately your guests will sense that the affair will be elegant and beautiful. However, if you do want to spice it up, a neat way to do so is by using printed envelopes. I love the one featured above with the flowers.


Don’t forget. You can simplify the invitation process by creating it online! There are many different websites that cater to this kind of event. Just shop around and compare prices. Designing a card online can be really fun too!

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