Mother of the Bride Duties

The mother of the bride, as well as the rest of the bride’s family, has a special role in a bride’s big day. But don’t forget about your role in the planning process! The mother of the bride has several traditional responsibilities during the time between the engagement and the reception. Follow these guidelines to make your daughter’s wedding a success.


1. Remember the golden rule.

Keep in mind that this is your daughter’s wedding. She’ll love to have your help and guidance, but she also deserves to make her own choices and plan the wedding of her dreams. Try to support her vision even if it’s not exactly your taste – it will be worth it when you see her glowing on her big day! Plus you’ll get to enjoy the big day more if you’re not overly worried about the details.

2. Understand your financial responsibilities.

Traditionally, the bride’s family takes on a lot of the financial burden of a wedding, including the ceremony, reception, engagement party and even sometimes the dress. Talk to your daughter about the costs you’re comfortable with paying. Be upfront and honest;¬†you and your daughter should always be on the same page about the financial side of the wedding.

3. Play host!

As the mother of the bride, all of your daughter’s guests will be looking for you at every event. Be sure to act as a host during each event to make all of your daughter’s guests feel welcome, even when your daughter is running around juggling a million things. You’ll get to brag about your amazing daughter and your future son-in-law!

4. Pass along your traditions.

If your family has any traditions or heirlooms that could be included in the wedding, share them with your daughter. It will be a special way for the two of you to connect before the wedding, and you’ll both become a little more in-touch with your personal culture or family history.

5. Be a mom!

Most importantly, remember to support your daughter like you have her whole life. The time leading up to the wedding may be emotional and stressful for your daughter, so try to be available for a chat – or even just a hug – whenever she needs it. Your daughter will be looking to you for advice, so try to remember when you were in her shoes and be her mother as well as her best friend. From helping her try on dresses to giving her marriage advice, make sure you’re there for your daughter throughout the whole process.