The 2016 Oscars: Best Hair & Make Up

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Hey Beauties! “Award season” is an exciting time where not only do we see our favorite celebrities being acknowledged for their craft but we also get to feel like we are a part of these icon moments. Of course the Just B Beautiful team is on it to watch the 2016 Oscars with you guys and to bring you stunning and inspiring looks from the red carpet. As the nominees were dreaming of gold, we were dreaming of bold lips, shimmering eye shadow and old Hollywood cuts and curls.

Olivia Wilde: Shinning Bright like a Diamond


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I love Olivia. She never fails to be stunning in every way! Her make up is natural, almost as if she has nothing on.  Her eye lids glittered like diamonds, matching her necklace perfectly. This glossy sparkling shadow gives a pop to a natural face and a clear lip gloss. Also her side braided bun makes her entire look. Ladies this look not only is a red carpet winner but an everyday option.

 Ronney Mara: The “Bold” Dragon

Ronney Mara is known for her role in, “The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo” but she was giving me Queen of the Dragons on the red carpet! Her neutral eyes complemented her bold dark brows and her rustic red lips. To top the look off, Ronney’s hair is in knots that trail down to a bun in that back that is not only edgy but glamorous.

Charlize Theron: Fury Never Looked so Good

I can not…I repeat can not get over how much I love Charlize’s hair! As soon as I seen it, my mind was made that she had to be on this list. Her cut gives off a certain class and elegance that I absolutely adore and I feel this describes her 100%. Not only that but it does not age her as some people might think short cuts can do. This cut is cool! And the side part gives it an extra helping of sexy!

Olivia Munn: Sun-Kissed Delight

Overall love Olivia Munn’s look. Her hair is pulled back so you can see how her skin glows, her bold tangerine lip complements the dress she is wearing. I love this lip a lot with her blush because I feel it brings out her beautiful brown eyes more! The subtle brow is a nice touch as well for her eyes and lips to shine. Overall very lovely and vibrant look.

Jennifer Lawrence: Icon Beauty

This hair style here is another success from the beautiful Jennifer Lawrence! Blonde is always and forever will be very stunning on J Law. I love this cut because of how simple it is. It is a form of a bob but much longer than a bob would typically be and I love how it is all in one length. It’s a modern take on a bob and seems effortless, which J Law makes icon.

Lady Gaga: Red Carpet Queen

Lady Gaga never fails to impress us when it comes to the red carpet; shinning and posing next to her fiance Taylor Kinney. Gaga graces us with her old Hollywood glam, the big waved curls and the stunning big diamond earrings to match. She brings glitter where ever she goes, her lids a shimmering pink champagne and rosy mauve lips. I am completely in awe by her. One of my absolute favorite looks on the 2016 Oscars red carpet.

*All images courtesy of Getty Images