Spring Cleaning: Make Up Clean Up

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As we go further into May, summer will be here before you know it and spring cleaning is in order! We have to keep up with our homes, our clothing and our make up bags! Not only does this process cleanse the cluster that has taken over your make up bag and/or make up trunk but cleanses ourselves as well. So lets dig in and get started! Don’t worry ladies JBB is coming to help you make this process easy and fun!

Cleaning Make Up Tools

Cleaning your make up tools is very essential and an annoying task but it has to be done. I definitely suggest playing some music and have snacks on stand by because this can take a while depending on how many brushes and/or beauty blenders you own.



Make Up For Ever Cleansers

Step 1 : Finding a great cleanser

Cleansers help clean off all those foundations and powders etc. off your tools so they are clean and fresh for the next use. Like any cleanser wither its for your face or your brushes; clears all unwanted dirty and bacteria off, disinfecting your tools so you won’t get any break outs. JBB is a big advocate for Make Up For Ever Cleansers! What is so great about all three of these cleansers is that they demonstrate deep instant cleaning and not only protect you but protect your tools too!

Make Up For Ever Instant Brush Cleanser: Great for synthetic and natural brushes, a few sprays and it cleans quickly without rinsing and fast drying!

Make Up For Ever Purifying Brush Cleanser: Removes all impurities, conditions, protects and strengthens brush hairs, and drys quickly after rinsing!

Make Up For Ever Sponge Shampoo: Cleans and disinfects all sponges and textures, extends life-span of sponges!

Step 2: Clean smarter not harder

Spring Cleaning, Sigma Spa Mat, bridal makeup

Sigma Spa Brush Cleaning Mat

This mat right here…. is a miracle! The Sigma Spa Brush Cleaning Mat is perfect for getting any and everything off any kind of brush in a easy fast process. You place the mat the in sink around the drain, laying the suction cups on the sink so the mat is firmly in place. Put a small amount of cleanser on 1 of the 7 grooves on the mat and move your brush or brushes over the grooves in a circle or straight motion depending on the groove section you use. After all the product has left your brushes, rinse them under the running water in the sink and you have squeaky clean brushes! When you finish using your mat, you just rinse it in the sink and your done!  The perfect spring cleaning item to have in your beauty wardrobe, not to mention you get to wash multiple brushes at the same time in 7 different cleaning grooves, all in one place!

Throw Away Old Make Up

I know. I know you don’t want to throw away all the make up you bought but didn’t get to use. It may seem like your wasting your hard earned money right now but trust me…….. If its old its got to go! Make up has an expiration date just like most things, but it’s just not visible so be sure to check online to see how long the shelf life is of the various cosmetics in your beauty wardrobe. Also if your make up has a weird smell, discoloration, has separated and/or texture has changed, throw that mess away. Old make up can effect the quality of a finished face and could hold unwanted bacteria.

Cleaning/Organizing Make Up Bags

Cleaning and organizing your make up bag is as refreshing as drinking a cold sweet tea on a hot day. I have a problem with keep my make up bag clean and I also can never find what I looking for in my make up bag until an hour later. I have came up with a plan to avoid these problems and have us all sipping cold sweet tea on a hot day.

Step 1: Dump and Wipe

Knowing me, I most likely have a broken highligther or a lip stick with a loose cap running wild in my bag making everything a mess. If your like me, grab a towel and dump everything out of your make up bag on it. Throw away whats broken if you can’t save it and grab make up wipes to clean the rest of your products.

Step  2: Organize like it’s your first day of school

Breakups to Make Up, Spring Cleaning, Bridal Beauty

Breakups To Make Up Bag

I realized that everything should have a place and that definitely includes make up. If you have a 100 lips sticks, put them in a “Lip Stick Bag”, if you have a million brushes , put them in a “Brush Bag” etc. Have a”To Go” make up bag for everyday when you go to work or class, have a make up bag for when you go out with your girlfriends, shoot even have a make up bag for your wedding so you can touch up while your celebrating your special day. I suggest going to Sephora and getting this uber cute makeup bag from Breakups to Make Up it will keep you organized and super chic at the same time.

Also beauties, Spring Cleaning doesn’t have to be a solo chore. You can grab your other make up loving friends and make it a group activity! Put the music on, have snacks and wine and bring on the cleaning together! Call it a “Make Up Clean Up party”, “Spring Clean and Sip”, whatever makes the job fun and easy for you. Please leave comments and tell us how this work for you. JBB has your back!