A Halloween Inspired Wedding

​With Halloween just around the corner it only seems fitting to highlight how classy, elegant, and unique a Halloween themed wedding can be if you stray away from the details that could come off as somewhat “corny” or expected. A Halloween themed wedding done right will stay in the memory of everyone involved.

black-and-white-wedding-dresses-2014  FullSizeRender (1)


A dark dress can add a dark and mischievous look and adding lace or a hint or lighter color keeps it elegant and graceful. The two features together make an alluring presentation.

fLOWER red flowers

A deep red flower can be the perfect accent tone for a Halloween or fall wedding. Giving a deep tone to a simple and elegant image whether for the bride herself, or the bridesmaids.

lip 2lip 3


Still highlighting the deep accent tones, a dark lip is all the new trend this season. Whether a deep red or even a dark purple, try and make your lips the highlight of your makeup this fall.