Top Wedding Gifts for the Bride and Groom

The gift: not a personalized birthday present or a memorable anniversary gift. This is the gift of all gifts; the wedding gift!

Getting a unique yet useful gift that both the bride and groom will use can be challenging. Some guests will give cash or gift cards (which allows the couple to decide what to buy or do with the money), while others will purchase items specifically off of the couple’s registry for their future home.

Just B Beautiful is here to offer some gift ideas for the lovely pair set to be married:

This gift may sound simple or even boring to some, but buying the bride and groom a fancy set of flatware for their home or for parties they will host will ultimately benefit everyone involved. Everyone will be eating in style!


If you know the in’s and out’s of the couple’s relationship and their style, buying a piece of art that will flatter their current or future home can be both a personal and unique gift. This gift will show that you pay attention to the couple’s taste in decor.


This gift is a bit more pricey, but totally worth it! The newlywed couple is about to embark on a new journey together. Say goodbye to I, I, I and bring on the WE. The bride and groom will be able to take their new camera on their honeymoon and any other trips they venture out on before they try to have kids or go back to work. Why not help them capture each moment with a fancy-schmancy camera?! They will surely thank you in the end. You’ll see their gratitude all over Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.


This gift is for couples who want to eat clean by adding some fruits and veggies into their diets, or for the all-stars gym rats. Mixers, NutriBullet’s and juicers are a perfect addition to a couple’s daily diet routine. Not only can you make meal substitutes out of these healthy, homemade concoctions, but the newlyweds can save money by making their own juices, instead of buying them. Why not accompany this gift with a gift card to a local grocery store, like Whole Foods, Fresh Market, or Trader Joe’s.


Fine China
Having fine china in your home is not an necessity, but it’s quite the luxury. You can buy the couple a beautiful porcelain set to go with the flatware you purchased for them, or simply as a stand-alone gift. The bride and groom will whip out their fine china when they have guests over or during holidays.

Parties are so much more enjoyable when you have the right tools to make your favorite baked goods. Why not give a gift that allows the couple to impress their party guests with some tasty homemade muffins and pancakes for breakfast or a whole slew of cupcakes, pies, and cookies.


 Whatever you decide to get for the future Mr. and Mrs, they will be sure to enjoy these new additions to their home.

xo JBB