Review: Rx for Brown Skin

Review: Rx for Brown Skin

$34.95 for 1oz.

Hello beauties I hope you are all ready for a product review about one of the most fabulous products on the market today for women of color it’s called Rx for Brown Skin.  I was first introduced to the line about 3 years ago while shopping in Sephora with a client and there was a rep for the company there.  Heard about the products loved what I had heard and on top of that I was very familiar with the creator of the line Dr. Susan Taylor, who by the way is also a woman of color.  So long story short I was totally in love with the products and after 6-8 months of use and fabulously clear skin Sephora stopped carrying the product and I like many others was left with nothing to clear up my skin………..

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Until 2 weeks ago I saw the commercial on television that one of my all time favorite products was back a available to be ordered.  I almost jumped out of my seat, and let me tell you why.  There really is no product on the market targeted towards women of color and the best thing of all is that the products actually work!!  This time around the line is simplified and has all the basics that you need for beautiful skin, a cleanser, toner and moisturizer as well as the botanical brightener.  Now this time around will I personally be using the entire line….no I won’t and that really is because I have such oily skin that I am going to stick with what has been working for me.  But I will tell you the item I am most excited about the Naturally Flawless Botanical Brightener.  When this went off the market I literally was in tears because I had not found another product that can do what this does…..even out your skin tone.  I like many who have oily skin often get breakouts which will leave scars on my face but with this Botanical Brightener my scars faded over a 3 month period and I had actually stopped using concealer to  cover them.  It didn’t add any discoloration to my skin like other fade creams and it didn’t clogged my already oily pores so this right here really is the best thing since sliced bread and I highly recommend it.  Remember this is only my opinion and just because I don’t use the entire line doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t either, take a look at the website I know tons of women and men of color who sing the praises of all these products.  Check it out and if you already use Rx for Brown Skin be sure to write me and tell me about your experience, until next time B Beautiful everyone!! - Click Here!
B Wilson
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