Beachy Bridal Hair!

Beachy Bridal Hair!

Recently in a boudoir shoot here in Philadelphia I met with one of my brides to give her a fabulous beachy waves for her shoot.  This has to be one of my most popular styles for the summer and I can see why.  It’s easy breezy beautiful style has appeal from the most formal ball room to a sandy beach.


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First I used my favorite heat protectant from Tresemme, you can use whatever protectant you would like but this is my fav, and brushed through the hair to the ends.  Next I took 1/2 inch sections and wrapped around a 1 inch curling iron held for about 10-15 seconds and let go.  The key to this look is before the hair cools give it a gentle tug at the ends to really loosen up those curls and turn them into sultry waves.

Once you’ve finished curling take either a wide tooth comb or your fingers and gently comb through those waves and add a bit of finishing spray for shine & hold and your done.  Hope you enjoyed our first of many hair posts, until next time B Beautiful everyone. - Click Here!
B Wilson
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