Bridal Beauty on the Go

Bridal Beauty on the Go

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Happy Tuesday beauties!!  Today’s post is inspired by the upcoming New York Times Travel show and all the upcoming events of the week.  We so many of our Just B Beautiful brides traveling for everything from the bridal shower to the wedding & honeymoon we thought we would share some of our go to products for travel.  As on on location beauty concierge service we have to have the very best not only for our clients but for yourselves as well.  It’s a common fact that travel, especially on airplanes, can leave your skin dull and deprived of vital hydration.  So let’s take a look at some of our favorite products as well as our must have travel tote, and remember for even more product recommendations be sure to follow us in Instagram and Pinterest.


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These are by far my very favorite makeup removing wipes.  When it comes to travel I make sure that all my products are especially hydrating to keep my oily skin from creating even more oil and to make sure everything looks smooth and plump.  Bonus the Klorane wipes have Cornflower water in them so it makes them soothing and feels amazing on the skin.


Depending on which beauty guru you follow this spray has been called many things, a setting spray, a primer, but we all agree that it’s 100% amazing.  This vitamin infused spray is something that you will definitely need to have in your beauty bag when traveling.  Place it in the rooms fridge when traveling to warmer climates it makes this ever so refreshing!

So the cat is out of the bag…..this Givenchy tote has been my secret obsession for so long and now we can’t wait to travel around in 2017 with it on our shoulder.  It’s the perfect size to carry all of your electronics, ID’s and other on board necessities in this chic tote. I know the price tag is a bit high ($1300) but it’s oh so worth it.


I usually skip makeup when traveling, thanks to those extra early check in times, but the one thing that I don’t skip on is my mascara.  I know I have a ton of mascara’s that I love but this one is extra special.  Not only does it not damage my real lashes but the formula combined with the wand gives you long lush lashes.

One of my must haves when traveling…a longwearing lipstick and Stila has delivered on every front.  This is by far one of the BEST longwear lipsticks on the market today.  It’s a velvet matte finish, the colors are amazing and they literally lasts all day and night.

Again the same way I love a long wear lipstick I also LOVE a longwear eyeliner.  This one from Ardency Inn does double duty, you can sharpen it and get a precise winged eyeliner or smudge the liner out and create a super smokey eye.  I can literally just have this and create so many amazing looks while traveling.
This is an ingenious product and I can’t believe more people don’t know about it.  We had the pleasure of receiving one of these travel perfume holders in the mail and now we can’t live without it.  Simple process you load these trendy tubes with your favorite fragrance and go.  It’s sleek, stylish and super easy to use, I’m not sure how I survived before finding this travel must have.

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