Sexy Summer Feet with Boscia

Sexy Summer Feet with Boscia

Philadelphia Bridal Makeup & Hair, Boscia Baby Foot Peel

Happy Monday beauties, with sandal season upon us I thought I would share my latest find from Boscia. If you don’t know about the brand you should, they are best know for an innovative line of charcoal skincare.  Their deep pore cleansing stick has been my fav for quite some time now and now I have another fabulous Boscia product to add to my list of favs!

Philadelphia Bridal Makeup & Hair, Boscia Baby Foot Peel

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At the recent grand re-opening of Sephora 34th Street NYC I had the pleasure of chatting with one of the Sephora Pro’s who let me know she swears by this product.  It’s the Boscia Baby Soft Foot Peel and trust me it does exactly what it says.  This peeling ‘mask’ will give you baby soft feet in a matter of days just in time for some serious sandal wear.

So let me stop you here, if you are easily grossed out stop here. I will being some pretty graphic images of my feet and the skin it removed.  I know sounds gross right, well it is but the end results are so worth it that I no longer care about shedding skin like a snake.

So what does it do??

The Boscia Baby Soft Foot Peel comes in a package of fairly large ‘booties’ (I’m a size 9 the they were too big for me) which you will ‘soak’ your feet for about 90 minutes. Just enough time to catch up on some Netflix and wine.  This is a combination of Lactic Acid, Glycolic Acid and natural fruit extracts which over the course of a few days (usually 7-10) will shed that top layer of skin unveiling new baby soft skin.

Now at first I was very skeptical but I had heard so many great things about this product I figured I would give it go and let you know how I liked it. For me personally it took about 3 days before any shedding happened, this could differ for each person.   Now once the peeling starts happening, it goes by very quickly, I literally woke up with tons of dead skin in my bed. I will definitely be wears socks next time not to mention keeping your feet well moisturized and covered helps this work even faster.  So much so I would highly recommend you grabbing yourself a pair of soakies and a bit of Epsom salt to speed up the process.

From beginning to end I would say give the entire process about 7 days and be sure do a follow up pedicure. Just to ensure that you get every bit of that dead skin and if they offer a parrafin wax treatment that’s even better to ensure your baby soft feet stay that way.

Philadelphia Bridal Makeup, Boscia Baby Soft Peel

Just a very small amount of skin from day 4


Overall this is one of my favorite new products and one that fully gets my stamp of approval. So beauties a few things to keep in mind with one…

  • Don’t look for instant gratification
  • Be prepared to wear socks and closed in shoes for up to 10 days
  • Do soak your feet in between days to speed up the peeling process
  • Try not to be grossed out by all the dead skin falling off your feet
  • Do a follow up pedicure with paraffin treatment to ensure you are getting the best results

Don’t wait to late my beauties be sure to grab your Boscia Baby Soft Foot Peel today. Until next time…….Just B Beautiful - Click Here!
B Wilson
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