MAC Next To Nothing ~ Your Go To Summer Foundation

MAC Next To Nothing ~ Your Go To Summer Foundation

MAC Next To Nothing, Just B Beautiful, Bridal Hair and Makeup, Philadelphia

Hello my beauties and happy Friday!!  So even though Just B Beautiful is known for a flawless airbrush makeup it doesn’t mean that we can’t hook you guys up with all things beauty.  One of the questions I receive the most from clients is ‘What foundation should I use?’ or ‘It’s summer but I still need some coverage’.  Well look no further because the newest release Next To Nothing from MAC Cosmetics will have you smooth and flawless all summer long.

I recently received some samples of this innovative foundation recently and instantly wet wild over the formula. With summers on the east coast being so humidity filled I try to look for lighter products that will give coverage without being heavy on skin.  The one thing that I stress to clients, especially in the summer months, is breathable skin is a must.  So let’s begin with the formula, I’ve heard many people compare this to the MAC Face & Body but trust me there is no comparison.  The MAC Next To Nothing foundation is a light liquid formula which reminds me more of a balm or tinted moisturizer.

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MAC Next To Nothing, Just B Beautiful, Bridal Hair and Makeup, Philadelphia

At first glance I can clearly see the luminosity in the formula and it just glides over the skin like butter.  It’s sheer formula so don’t expect full coverage but the coverage that it does have is smooth, luminous and diminishes imperfections.  I will say that the MAC website is 100% correct in its advice to apply using a synthetic full fan brush, using a sponge just wasn’t the right move but with the fan brush it was so flawless.  I am totally in love with this foundation it’s light, hydrating, luminous, and the colors are superb.

MAC Next To Nothing, Just B Beautiful, Bridal Hair and Makeup, Philadelphia

In addition to 9 beautiful liquid shades this collection also boast 9 coordinating pressed powders.  The powders are equally as beautiful with a creamy texture that can easily be worn with or without the foundation for a light everyday look.  Honestly I’m sure once you give MAC Next To Nothing a try it will hands down be your favorite foundation as well.

Tips & Tricks

Because this foundation has moisturizing properties it’s amazing for dry skin, but don’t count out combo/oily skin just yet.  Use a mattifying primer on oily skin and the Next To Nothing pressed powder to set for all day coverage.  I know I already mentioned it but honestly you will need a synthetic fan brush for proper application of this foundation it really does give you that flawless even coverage.

The Takeaway

My final opinion of this newest MAC foundation is this…….

The formula is absolutely phenomenal but will it be for everyone no but then again no foundation is.  If you are someone who loves a full coverage beat no matter the weather then this is not going to give you the look you want.  However for all my #JustBBeautifulBrides that are looking for something that will give you a polished look without the heavy coverage then this is the formula you have been looking for.  For oily girls setting with powder will make this last all day without loosing the luminosity.  For my dry and combo girls this is going to be a great balm type formula, how you love it as much as I do.  Until next time beauties!

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